Customer Support Awesomeness


Posted in: Operations, SaaS & Managed Services

Our customers love our service. We typically see Managed Video becoming an integral part of their day-to-day activities early on after the deployment.

When customers become so reliant on your service, a stellar customer support team is paramount. I am proud to say we have a stellar customer support team.

We take customer support very seriously. If a system goes offline, we proactively identify it and begin troubleshooting prior to the customer seeing the issue. We work directly with the onsite managers to assist us in our initial troubleshooting steps, and if necessary we will send technical staff to further troubleshoot systems.

The customer support team is a dedicated team who works with our customers everyday to resolve their issues and improve their Envysion experience. We leverage these interactions to learn from the customers how we can improve our service. The information that can be gleaned from a poor experience can be invaluable and can be used as fodder to turn around and make product improvements, reinforcing with our customers that their positive experience with our service is our primary concern.

As a product manager, I value the input from our customer support team. They have an intimate connection with customers that is immensely valuable and the insight passed along helps me do my job better.