Managed Video Lowers IT Strain


Posted in: IT

A few days ago Phil Wainewright had a good blog post on the good and bad of the cloud (as a disruptive technology). In essence, solutions provided in the cloud have made it possible for business leaders to sidestep in some regards the IT organization in choosing which solutions they would like to use, leaving the IT group in disarray about how to manage these cloud solutions.

IT can sometimes be a road block or bottleneck; they’re doing so many other things and are stretched so thin that, where possible, it is advantageous to not add to that backlog delaying the time that it takes to deploy a service. But what if that service will make a material difference in the business?

One of the benefits of Managed Video, being a cloud-based service, is that it provides a low strain on IT.

Our experience with Managed Video has largely been that the entire organization embraces it, including IT. If the IT group knows that it’s not just something else that they’ll need to maintain and will cause them more, not less work, then they’re happy.

Often, the role of the IT organization is early-on (pre-sale) to provide a sniff-test to validate that the solution is technically sound and will meet the needs of the business. And isn’t that a good position to be in? An advisory role to let me share my smarts, knowing that I am not going to have to put in a lot time managing it. Not bad.

Business leaders should be the decision makers for solutions that solve a business problem and not an IT problem. IT has a role at the table in this decision making process and they will be more sure to provide their blessing if the solution, in turn, does not make their lives harder.