Envysion Insight

Envysion Insight goes beyond traditional security and loss prevention applications by integrating video surveillance with business tools such as point of sale (POS) to deliver powerful video-driven business intelligenceTM. Businesses benefit from easy-to-use remote viewing of live and recorded video from an unlimited number of locations, providing insight into operations, loss prevention, marketing effectiveness, merchandising and customer behavior. This video can be quickly correlated with business intelligence data such as time of sale, receipt number and motion detection, making review of the important footage much more efficient.

Envysion drives demonstrable results for users, enabling them to improve profitability and the customer experience in every location, every day, without straining the IT organization or network. Our intuitive web interface maximizes video usage and minimizes training time so users can immediately drive operations and store-level profitability improvements.

Exception Reporting and Alerting

Envysion’s video-driven business intelligenceTM delivers real-time insight into daily store operations to increase profitability 10-15%. Custom store-level, employee-level and enterprise reports give businesses the ability to track business-specific metrics and quickly validate exceptions with video. Envysion’s alerts instantly notify operators when an employee or store violates a defined business rule, such as the number of voids per day, so management can rapidly correct the issue.

Powerful Search Capabilities

Envysion transforms hours of video footage into searchable, actionable information and eliminates tedious manual searching. With Envysion, video becomes a strategic management tool to proactively identify opportunities for increased profit. Envysion eliminates tedious manual searching, enabling users to save time with video search by date/time, POS transaction data or specific motion.

Highly Scalable Enterprise Video

Envysion’s MVaaS platform rapidly scales to 1,000s of locations and users while also providing control over how users access and utilize video. The MVaaS model enables Envysion to accelerate innovation by responding to market opportunity and making new capabilities immediately available to all users, removing the burden of costly and time-consuming software upgrades.

Flexible Data Integration

Designed to deliver the real-life story behind the numbers and drive operations and profit improvement, Envysion seamlessly integrates with leading point of sale, video analytics, customer loyalty, time and attendance, and access control system providers to enhance the power of video for our customers. As such, Envysion has built a competence in integration, has architected our application to facilitate integration and has extensive experience integrating customers' business systems to our application. Envysion has integrated to more than 50 different POS systems, and we have the ability to integrate to additional POS systems or other business systems within a matter of weeks.

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