Insight Marketplace®

Insight Marketplace® is the first online business solutions marketplace for video-enhanced loss prevention, operational efficiency, safety and security, risk mitigation and marketing services. Available as add-on services to Envysion Insight, Envysion Video or Envysion Pro Solutions subscriptions, Insight Marketplace® provides a collection of best-in-class business solutions partners who have developed turnkey solutions that leverage Envysion’s MVaaS platform to drive even stronger profit impact for Envysion customers.

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Loss Prevention Audits

King Rogers Group Analytics

KRGA’s team of loss prevention professionals brings decades of experience in security management with retail organizations, corporations, government agencies and law enforcement to Envysion’s award-winning managed video solution to drive performance and bottom line results for Envysion customers. KRGA analysts leverage Envysion’s MVaaS platform to:

  • Identify, review and resolve potentially fraudulent employee activity
  • Investigate trends and behavior patterns identified through video-integrated exception reports
  • Pinpoint operations and training improvement needs at customer locations employing Envysion’s MVaaS service

Loss Prevention and Operations Audits

Eye on Profits

As experienced operations, loss prevention and quality assurance veterans, Eye on Profits’ team can pinpoint sources of loss and areas of risk within a business. Leveraging Envysion’s MVaaS, Eye on Profit delivers:

  • Remote Monitoring
    • Operations and policy adherence
    • Loss prevention audits and risk identification
    • Camera angle, cleanliness and view
  • Investigations
    • Customer injury or complaint
    • Robbery
    • Vendor deliveries

Operations and Marketing Analytics and Reports

ReTel Technologies

Leveraging Envysion’s MVaaS platform, ReTel delivers interactive, data-based analytic reports linked to video on a variety of marketing and operational performance indicators. ReTel’s innovative approach gives customers objective assessments of store-level performance by measuring:

  • Operations Metrics
    • Speed of service and total wait time
    • Store cleanliness
  • Marketing Metrics
    • Product interaction rates
    • Quantified consumer demographics