PTZ Cameras with Envysion


Posted in: IT

To date, we had not supported PTZ camera functionality because it wasn’t that important to our customers. As we’ve expanded more and more into the retail space, that has changed. Especially for big-box retailers with large footprint locations, they wanted all the benefits of an MVaaS solution – broad, remote access the organization, easy POS integration and video backed exception reports, low IT strain, etc – and they wanted the ability to access PTZ camera controls through our web interface.

We listened. We’re pleased to announce that you can now you use PTZ cameras with Envysion.

  • Ddewald

    What has to happen for PTZ to be able to be utilized now?

  • Hayley

    Envysion is camera agnostic, meaning our solution is not restricted to any specific camera(s). So as far as the integration goes, we view PTZ cameras as we would any IP or analog camera. One of the great benefits of Envysion is our SaaS model, which enables us to develop and deploy new features/functionality rapidly to all of our customers. Until recently, our customers had not invested in PTZ cameras, so there wasn’t any demand to use PTZ with the Envysion solution. That began to change with our expansion into more big-box retail, who were interested in using PTZ with Envysion. Now PTZ is immediately available to any of our customers.