Sweethearts Exposed


Posted in: Business Intelligence, IT, Loss Prevention

Paying homage to the past Valentine’s day, LPI has a really nice post on sweethearting. Sweethearting is, in essence, giving a deal to a friend or family member – the “deal” of course not being company sanctioned.

LPI outlines a few techniques to spot potential sweetheart deals, the last being to monitor:

The sales performance of each associate; monitor sales dollars, units per transaction, average sale time and other sales related activities. Cashiers with lower percentages but considerable time on the register may indicate potential sweet-hearting or ringing issues.

This is a great application for an MVaaS system. This is the epitome of where data meets video. You can simply create a pointed exception-based report – a “sweetheart scorecard” – that captures all employees across these metrics and stack-ranks them so that you can quickly review video for the highest suspect employees across all your locations and quickly ascertain where there’s a problem. The efficiency gains from an MVaaS system where you were otherwise in the dark are significant. It’s the difference between wondering, “How big of a problem do I have? to, “I can actually do something about it.”

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